Yantai Fujian Model Co., Ltd. Is a professional models maker, the company has two of manufacturing base in Yantai and Shanghai, China, a development and distribution centers in Shanghai.

Our experienced and stable technology design terms, effective and efficient customer service terms, always worked with active and keep an open mind to listen the voice from customers.

We can do the favourite of your design and plan your scale models, propose the most appropriate scale, style and level of details for your particular project. The aim is to ensure your scale models conveys all the relevant information in the most cost-effective way.


Add:No.38,Tongshi Road,Yantai-
264000,Shandong Province,China.

kinds of products appear sophisticated industrial ……

Brings together a wide range of industrial models, exhibitors have the reason to bring the model to the exhibition hall, the purpose is to allow customers to have ……


Shandong building model to create a new development ……

Shandong building model production industry is located in the initial stage of the construction of the business chain, is the pilot work of investment in fixed assets into real productive forces……


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